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Constantly updated so press the refresh button for new updates.

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View hundreds soon to be thousands of beautiful wallpapers easy to view and downloadable. Most if not all wallpapers are set at 1024 x 1024 or higher if you need wallpapers to be resized at a lower pixel – suggest that you use a image resizer app from the android market. I use “Photo Editor” the free version perfect to resize and change pixels of the images.  Mega Wallpaper Gallery consist of 2 full gallery main gallery consist ALL TYPES of photo images and the second gallery “Anime” contains lots of beautiful anime wallpapers easy to view and download with just one click of the download button. Mega Wallpaper Gallery also has my website embedded for easy access to more awesome downloadable free/paid apps for your enjoyment. To fully enjoy mega wallpaper gallery please use the refresh button in the menu settings whenever you use the app and clear the app cache to prevent the app from force closing and please give the galleries a few seconds to load all the images.

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