Omari TV for Kids


Welcome to Omari TV for Kids

Click to Download YouTube App Now

For this app to play WITHOUT buffering issues.

hit your menu button when inside the app then REFRESH BUTTON
for instant UPDATES.

This app is perfect for teaching your kid’s to
say there ABC’S how to READ how to recognize ALPHABET,SPELLING,PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT as well as MENTAL DEVELOPMENT and much more from TV episodes like Barney & Friends ,Word World,Caillou,Sesame Street and Blues Clues. This is app meant  to teacher your child/children’s the basic fundamentals to increase learning potential and to give the parents some free time that’s much needed and deserved. More episodes will be added in each category for more enjoyment without boredom of the same reruns. This app is embedded with my website link to more matured apps for the Parents such has multiple top class movie apps,music video’s,music and much more. Parents please check my website for app description with free and paid download links for endless enjoyment.

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